Crystal Rock
The History of Crystal Rock: Timeline
  • Where It All Began

    It all started with that very first delivery. Crystal Rock founder, Mr. Henry Baker Sr., traveled by horse-drawn carriage, providing half gallon glass bottles of the clean, fresh drinking water that people needed – straight to their doors.

    A Leader Takes the Reins

    In 1917, founder Henry Baker, Sr. became the sole owner of the Stamford, CT based Crystal Rock Company.

    Even Back Then, Little Things Mattered

    After accidently injuring his right thumb and told he’d be unable to use his hand, Henry Baker Sr. continued to serve his customers, with one arm in a sling. Talk about customer service.

    A Well-Water Discovery Defines a Future for Stamford

    While drilling a well at his Stamford home at 313 Long Ridge Road, Henry Sr. discovered a well water supply that would establish Stamford as the first Crystal Rock water bottling plant.

    A Second Generation Takes Over

    When Henry Sr. passed, his wife Gladys and 15-year old son, Henry, kept the business alive and well. Henry worked nights and weekends at the plant until he finished school, and later dedicated himself full time to the family company.

    It’s Official:
    Crystal Rock Waters is Born

    With 40 employees and an expanded fleet of aqua blue vehicles, the water company that began from the back of a horse-drawn carriage, evolved into Crystal Rock – delivering bottled water and non-perishable snack refreshments to businesses and individuals.

    Leading the Movement Ahead

    Born into the legacy and involved at an early age, Henry Baker Jr., was finally appointed President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crystal Rock.

    The Evolution Continues

    It didn’t take long before the booming water company outgrew its original location at Long Ridge Road. In 1968, Henry Baker Jr. built a new, larger facility in the same town of Stamford to accommodate the ever-growing volume of business.

    A Younger Generation Moves In

    Sons of Henry Baker, Jr. – Peter and Jack Baker – joined the family business, beginning their journey in the water business and strengthening the Crystal Rock team.

    “When your neighbor needs help, he needs it right away”

    For Henry Jr., like his father, giving back to the community mattered. Before expanding their facilities, he allowed volunteer firemen to set the original plant building on fire, to ensure that when the community was really in need, the local fire squad would be well prepared.

    Watertown Becomes Home

    With business booming and a need for expansion, Crystal Rock moved from Stamford to establish its official headquarters in Watertown, CT, including a 72,000 square foot bottling facility.

    Carrying on a Tradition

    Every day in Stamford, the most junior employee raised and lowered the flag that stood outside the facility. To continue this tradition in Watertown, employees independently purchased a new flagpole with an honorary plaque, as a tribute to the Baker family and their founding principles of quality and service.

    Bottled Water Innovation

    Recognizing the need for a cleaner, easier and safer way to load water bottles onto their coolers, John Baker developed and patented the No Spill, Water Safe Technology – eliminating spills on the floor and airborne particles in the tank.

    Well Deserved Recognition

    For all of his hard work and visionary ideas to help grow Crystal Rock, Henry Baker, Jr. was inducted into the Bottled Water Hall of Fame.

    Two Brothers, Two Leaders

    Learning from the early guidance of their father, Peter and Jack Baker were appointed Co-Presidents of Crystal Rock.

    A Dedication to Quality

    Committed to an exceptional level of water quality for every bottle of water that Crystal Rock distributed to it’s customers, Peter Baker served as a chairman of the Board of Directors for the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association).

    The Start of a New Century

    With passion to continue evolving the family business, Peter and Jack Baker took on new responsibilities within the company. In 2000, Peter was named Director and President, while Jack filled the shoes of Executive Vice President.

    A Perfect Partnership

    Crystal Rock expanded its footprint, merging with Vermont-based water company, Vermont Pure. Together the partnership would position both companies to take full advantage of the anticipated future growth of the bottled water industry.

    “We’ll continue to move this company forward with the principles on which it was built”

    Peter Baker was appointed CEO of the Crystal Rock – driven by a passion to continue the legacy that his grandfather had built.

    The Footprint Keeps Growing

    Through a total of sixteen small company acquisitions in a two-year period, Crystal Rock added over 18,000 customers and nearly $10.7M in annual sales.

    Making a Difference, One Solar Panel at a Time

    With the installation of 1,661 solar panels to the rooftop of Crystal Rock’s bottling facility, the Solar PV System went live – expecting to supply nearly 28% of the Watertown facility’s total electrical needs – and proving Crystal Rock’s commitment to environmental innovation.

    A Public Affair

    In 2010, the once privately held Crystal Rock company went public on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time as Crystal Rock Holdings, Inc.

    Now, That’s Cool Beans

    A line of branded coffee brings “taste, energy, and happiness” (not to mention, a whole lot of buzz) to 100,00 Crystal Rock customers.

    Office Supplies Become Part of the Solution

    To become a broader single source solution for business customers, Crystal Rock launched a new Crystal Rock Office brand – providing over 40,000 office product essentials.

    Making Little Things Matter

    For Crystal Rock, involvement in the community ranks high on the company priority list. In 2010 alone, the team supported over 10 community organizations and events throughout the Northeast, from local youth sporting events to the annual Life is Good Festival.

    The Family of Brands Defined

    In order to articulate its century old promise, and proactively look toward servicing its customers in the future, the company aligns its four house brands under the Crystal Rock name.

    Little Things (Still) Matter

    As another act of selfless service and dedication to the community, Peter Baker led awareness and fund-raising efforts as Co-Chair of the Greater Waterbury CT United Way Campaign, raising over $3.5M for the organization.

    Learning & Development Center

    The company makes another major investment in continual corporate education, opening a dedicated classroom and product display showroom in Watertown, CT, called the Crystal Rock Learning & Development Center.

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